Dust filtration efficiency of 99.9%


We meticulously care for even the invisible areas.

Dust mite
Fine Dust
Pet Hair

Key Features of CleanMax!

Mattress Clean System

It removes fine dust and 0.3㎛ dust mite with t removes fine dust and 0.3㎛ dust mite with max 19,000rpm power and 40,000/min brush vibration.㎛

Carpet, Sofa Cleaning

It inhales 99.9% fine dust on
fabric sofa, carpet and mat.

Pet Home Cleaning

It removes pet hair that sticky to fiber and dust floating in the air.

Eco-friendly water filter vacuum cleaner

It provide pleasant cleaning because all dust is gathered in water which cannot be released out to the air while cleaning.

Air blowing

It repel piled dusts surrounded curtain,
closet, shelf by releasing air

Air purifier and Aoma Therapy

It purifies bad smell with
phytoncide and lavender scent.


Zentrum für Präventivmedizin

European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation

Recommended by Korean Atopy Association

BCHIUM INC. is selected as an excellent atopic prevention environment company.

CleanMax is recommended by Korean Atopy Association.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to children

who have not been able to escape from atopic pain.