Cleaning Service

Are you worried about...
dust mite, fluffing of pet hair, stain in the pee, and allergic-inducing factors?

BCHIUM will clear your worries with
All in One 3steps Cleaning System.

Dust mite Cleaning

It removes allergic Inducing factors including house dust mite, dandruff, dead
skin, and impurities that causes Rhinitis and Atopy. BCHIUM CleanMax vacuum
all of fine dust with 40,000 micro vibrations.

Washing System

It clears stains caused by urine, blood, vomiting in daily life. BCHIUM uses only
eco-friendly detergent that excludes harmful ingredient like MIT/CMIT.

Steam Cleaning

It uses 5bar of steam pressure to remove old and hard-to-remove stains. It
clears not only stains but also germs with steam sterilization.

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Premium Homecare Solution

Cleaning Process

Measuring Contamination
Dust mite Cleaning
Washing System
Steam Cleaning
Air Purification
Aroma Therapy

자주하는 질문

얼룩이 없을경우 섬유의 미세먼지, 집먼지진드기등을 제거하기 위해 건식케어로 추천드립니다. 하지만 얼룩이나 오염을 제거하기
희망하신다면 습식 or 스팀케어로 신청해 주시면 만족스러운 케어가 되실 수 있습니다.

습식과 스팀케어가 완료된 직후에는 촉촉함이 남아있을 수 있습니다. 따라서 통풍이 잘되는 곳에서 1~2일의 자연건조 후 사용 가능하십니다.
기계건조를 할 경우 가구의 변형이나 손상이 발생할 수 있어 추천 드리고 있지 않습니다.

얼룩은 원단의 소재와 오염물의 종류, 발생기간에 따라 지워짐의 편차가 발생할 수 있습니다. 비치움은 유해물질을 일체 배제한
얼룩제거 약품을 사용하며 홈케어에 최적화된 청소장비를 통해 오염물을 안전하고 효과적으로 제거합니다.

비치움은 전국대리점 운영으로 도서산간 및 일부지역을 제외한 대한민국 어디든 방문하여 케어 서비스를 제공드리고 있습니다.

케어비용 이외에 출장비는 발생되지 않습니다.

구매확인 후 24시간 이내(주말제외) 담당자 배정하여 방문일정 조율을 위한 해피콜 드리고 있습니다.
해피콜 진행시 희망하시는 일자로 조율하여 케어 받아보실 수 있습니다.

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Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning 

The cleaning man was very meticulous and explained well. I hadn't think about I can clean the mattress until I got to know about BCHIUM, When I applied to get mattress cleaning service, I found a lot of dust in bed, it showed obvious reason why I had coughed. BCHIUM cleaning was so refreshing and fragrant. I slept well on the day I cleaned it. I'm going to get service again next time^^

-laur*** (Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning

The mattress was old and there was a lot of stains on it, But it disappeared after getting cleaning service, Since my bed was used for a long time, I thought there would be a lot of dust and mites in the bed. But after cleaning, I feel refreshed with clean bed, I like it^^

-oliv****(Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning 

I applied BCHIUM mattress cleaning service because the dog's vomit permeated under the cover. The cleaning man was so kind and meticulous. I was so satisfied because not only I can use bed cleanly but also I realized that there were a lot of fine dust even though I used covers on mattress, I thought regular care was important, I was so glad to apply mattress cleaning and I truly recommend it.

-gray***** (Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning

The mattress was stained with cat pee so I applied the cleaning service for it. But I should have applied earlier. They contacted me quickly, visited me, and made me feel refreshed with clean bed. I don't smell any urine now. I don't have to worry about my cat is making a mistake in pee! 

I think I should wash our mattresses often for our health~ Thank you so much for being so kind and provide clean and fragrant bed room. I'll apply it again next time!!!^^ See you soon~~

-addi****(Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning

The cleaning man came and showed me the dust and dead skin cells that comes from mattress. It was a bit shocking, But after a day's sleep on cleaned bed, the itchiness disappeared.

I think it's the best way to get rid of house mites.

TMI cleaning man was so kind!

-dudd*******(Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Mattress Cleaning

The bed became a new :) The picture is a clean mattress after cleaning!!

My second child had diarrhea, so all the queen and single beds were dirty. Before I applied service I tried to clean it by myself with a detergent at home, But my first son's atopy got worse. I assumed that is because of remaining detergent. My husband recommended BCHIUM service, so I applied it. While cleaning the bed, there was a lot of foam in the detergent. I'm so grateful that the man explained how to take care of bed with contaminants and how to clean it. I appreciate for your hard work. 

-dd****(Real Service Review)

Review: BCHIUM HOMECARE SERVICE, Carpet Cleaning

Awesome! According to the product reviews.. 

Wow, it's dirty.. I thought I should do it regularly!

You explained it very thoroughly and cleaned it well!!!! It seemed simple but it took longer than I thought!!! That's how clean it is! We have young babies and my husband has atopic dermatitis. Although we're paying a lot of attention on cleaning bed, you are different! Wow, I could feel that you are an expert!!! Thank you!

-wh****(Real Service Review)


It's amazing. I should've done it ealier, but why I did it now..The sofa had so many stains because of juice, food, saliva, sweat, and uncertain substances from the human body which hard to clean. Also there were weired smells. I think it was a good decision to applied service!! In addition, the person who cleaned was so kind, explained it in detail, and cleaned it very thoroughly! You told me to dry it for a day or two, but I wonder if my baby would stay still. Anyway, don't hesitate, everyone! You have to do it. The smell?? It's all gone~

-happ****** (Real Service Review)


It's been about two years since I bought the sofa and chair. I thought it is better to buy a new one because it was already discolored and contaminated. But I cleaned it up because I wanted to decide whether to buy it or not after clean it once. When I applied BCHIUM service, the contaminated sofa turned into a brand-new one. I was so satisfied your kindness and your effeort to meet all my requirement.

-serb**** (Real Service Review)


구매한지 2년 되어가는 소파에요 최대한 깔끔하게 쓴다고 썼는데 가운데 이음새 부분에 애기가 음료수 흘려서 
어쩔수 없이 세탁을 해야만 했어요 ㅠㅠ 직접 약품 사서 해볼까 하다 그래도 전문업체에 맡기는게 더 좋을거 같아 여러군데 찾다가 결정 한 곳이에요. 결제 하고 다음날 바로 기사님 연락오시고 당일 예약잡아서 저녁에 바로 케어서비스 받았어요 ! 이음새 부분 열어보니 음료수가 타고 흘러서 어쩔수 없이 추가금내고 전체세탁 했는데 진작 전체세탁 할 걸 그랬어요 정말 세탁 끝나고나서 관리법, 그리고 남은 미세얼룩 설명도 해주시고 케어 받은지 2일이 지났는데 다시 한번 더 연락 오셔서 소파 마르고 난 뒤 얼룩 어떤지 한번 더 체크해주셨어요 꼼꼼함 어쩔꼬 .. 
저는 너무너무 만족하고 주변에 소파얼룩으로 고민한다면 무조건 추천 또 추천해요 혼자 약품사서 지우나 업체 부르나 가격이 비슷한데 왜 안부르죠 ? ㅋㅋ 다시 처음 샀던 그 소파로 돌아와서 이번엔 정말 더 깨끗하게 관리할게요 !

-dbwj*****(Real Service Review)


I found out BCHIUM Home Care while looking for sofa cleaning and applied it! It's been a long time since the marks were made on the sofa, so I was worried if they could be erased well. Although it was hard to get rid of them all, most of them were gone! I'm so satisfied!!!!!!!! And the cleaning man explained about cleaning process one by one and showed me the dust came out from the sofa. I was very satisfied with your kindness! Thank you so much for making it cleaner and taking care because it's a house for raising babies! If I get to do bedding next time, I'm going to do it here! I strongly recommend it!!!!!!

-hane****** (Real Service Review)


I applied for a home care service because I needed to wash my living room carpet for spring. I had a headache just thinking about washing it, but it was comfortable and nice because it was neat and clean. You are treat it kindly and the price is also reasonable. So I think I'll use it often^^

-sscb**** (Real Service Review)


I'm cleaning it up, but the stains on the big rug are ...there was no way to clean. So I was looking for a service like this, and I asked to clean it to BCHIUM. It was my first time to apply professional cleaning company, and I was satisfied with your kind response.

It was so good that they matched the schedule as fast as possible! First of all, I was very satisfied as you made the carpet like a new. You explained how to take care of the carpet and I feel refreshed, too!!

-rkdt***** (Real Service Review)