Cleaning Service-Mattress

Are you worried about...
dust mite, fluffing of pet hair, stain in the pee, and allergic-inducing factors?

BCHIUM will clear your worries with
All in One 3steps Cleaning System.

Washing System

Dust mite Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Dust mite Cleaning

It removes allergic Inducing factors including house dust mite, dandruff, dead
skin, and impurities that causes Rhinitis and Atopy. BCHIUM CleanMax vacuum
all of fine dust with 40,000 micro vibrations.

Washing System

It clears stains caused by urine, blood, vomiting in daily life. BCHIUM uses only
eco-friendly detergent that excludes harmful ingredient like MIT/CMIT.

Steam Cleaning

It uses 5bar of steam pressure to remove old and hard-to-remove stains. It
clears not only stains but also germs with steam sterilization.



Premium Homecare Solution

Cleaning Process

Measuring Contamination
Dust mite Cleaning
Washing System
Steam Cleaning
Air Purification
Aroma Therapy


Zentrum für Präventivmedizin

European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation

Recommended by Korean Atopy Association