Eco-friendly detergent


Excluded CMIT, MIT!

Eco-friendly detergent removes stains on mattress, sofa, and carpet safely.

Daily Stain

Reason to use eco-friendly detergent

Eco-friendly product

Clean and safe product that tink human and nature

Excluded MIT,CMIT

Doesn't irritate eye, skin, and respiratory organ

Prevention of bleaching

Remove only containment without any damage

Eco-friendly ingredient

Clean and safe product which considers human and nature

Excellent cleaning effect

99.999% of antibacterial and appropriate for stain removal

Stepwise usage

Use step-by step based on intensity

Before & After

01. Apply on mattress, sofa, and carpet fabric

Sofa Stain

Mattress Stain

Carpet Stain

02. Apply it step-by-step depends on intensity of stain

Daily Stain

A dark-colored beverage stain

An old vomit stain

We provide cleaning service with products that are certified for safety

safety verification standards [GB22-01-01 42]