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BCHIUM, the best brand in the homcare industry that is trusted by both partners and
customers will become a successful partner with a different start-up support signal item.

Start business by paying monthly 89,800won

We guarantee maximum profit with small investment.
Create sustainable incomes with BCHIUM's marketing promotion support.

Store free business

Welcome everyone who want to start home cleaning business

BICHIUM support

An excellent professional skills and equipment are provided.
Also, optimal solutions and customer DB are served.
It is a job that anyone can do with responsibility and sincerity.

A professional of pride and satisfaction

You can feel proud and rewarding as a member of a home care system that
meets the needs of customers who value a clean environment.

Special features of CleanMax

BCHIUM CleanMax is a vacuum which has both vacuum and water injection function.

Training 1 day Maximize efficiency
with minimal worker

40,000vibration per minute
collect all dust and provide pleasant cleaning

eco-friendly water filter vacuum that consider nature

Besides of vacuum, it has air purifier function

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Eligibitity to apply

Eligibitity to apply

Anyone who wants to run a home care business

One who is sincere in customer service

One who have experience of cleaning service like air conditioner, a washing machine, house, window, hood, window screen, stairs etc.

Beginner available


Training Support
provide sales

Marketing Support
advertising brand online

Product Rental
rent CleanMax by
paying montly 89,800won

free training
free royalty

Marketing Support

BCHIUM unique marketing strategy for maximum efficiency per cost



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